Environmental Mission

Environmental Mission

At Hidden Bench we believe that we are only the stewards of our vineyards and environment and that part of our mission and vision and non-interventional winemaking philosophy is to have the smallest impact possible on the environment. In furtherance of this environmental mission we have instituted a number of initiatives that we believe, coupled with on going sound environmental practices, will reduce our impact on and assist with the recovery of the environment.

Hidden Bench uses geothermal energy to provide heating and cooling for both our building and winemaking processes. This system which uses the temperature differential of one of our ponds coupled with 9000 ft of heat exchange coil provides the equivalent of 35 tonnes of cooling and heating though a series of 7 heat pumps with minimal environment impact and substantially reduced energy consumption.

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Hidden Bench was one of the launch customers for Bullfrog Power, Ontario’s first green electricity company. Bullfrog Power  sources all of its electricity from wind turbine and non-interventional hydro electric power and, as such, has minimal impact on the environment. We are very proud to have been one of the initial supporters of this innovative company and continue to be an ardent proponent of their goals and objectives.

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Wherever possible Hidden Bench only uses recycled materials in its product packaging to reduce our impact on the need to cut our forests. Additionally we only package our wines at the point of sale to reduce the usage of paper product packaging and the associated environmental impact.

Hidden Bench is also part of 1% for the Planet an international organization of companies that donate 1% of their gross revenues annually to environmental causes and organizations worldwide. We are strong supporters of this initiative and urge other companies and organizations to pursue the opportunities that this organization provides.

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Hidden Bench’s sustainable viticulture practices and environmental initiatives can assure you that when you enjoy a Hidden Bench wine you actually may be helping and not having a detrimental impact on the environment. Sante!